Minneapolis Landlord-Tenant Dispute Attorney

Representation In Commercial Landlord-Tenant Disputes
Landlord Representation In Residential Disputes

Tenants and landlords frequently argue over issues regarding the upkeep of property, raising the rent, noise, lease and privacy issues. If you are involved in a landlord-tenant dispute, it is important to contact an experienced Minneapolis lawyer who can help ensure your rights are protected.

I am Bob Smith, and I have more than 35 years of experience representing individuals and businesses throughout Minnesota. I represent landlords in residential landlord-tenant disputes, and I represent landlords and tenants in commercial disputes involving:

  • Eviction issues: Should or can we evict tenants? Do they have a right to evict us?
  • Maintenance concerns: Is the property safe? Is it well-maintained? Do tenants have a right to stop paying if their premises concerns are not addressed?
  • Nonpayment issues: Is the tenant choosing not to pay because of maintenance or lease disputes? What negotiation options are available for landlords when tenants do not pay?
  • Bankruptcy-related concerns: How do landlords evict non-paying tenants who filed bankruptcy?

Experienced Lawyer Representing Landlords And Tenants In St. Paul

Whether you are a residential landlord or are involved in a commercial dispute, an experienced attorney can help you find the timely solution you need. Protect your lease and finances by understanding your legal options. To schedule an initial consultation, contact my firm through an online contact form or by calling 612-284-3820.