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Serving Clients Throughout The State

Lawyers have a legal duty to protect the best interests of their clients and are obligated to represent their clients to a certain standard. In some situations, when attorneys fail to do that, there is no significant impact to an individual's case. In other situations, an attorney's negligent actions can significantly impact the outcome of a case and cause severe hardship for the individual.

If you suffered because of an attorney's negligence, another lawyer may be able to help you receive the recompense you deserve. I am Bob Smith, and I have been providing legal counsel to individuals throughout Minnesota for more than 35 years.

Why You Need A Lawyer From The Twin Cities

In many of the smaller towns in Minnesota, there are only a handful of lawyers in each community, and those attorneys are often uninterested or unwilling to file a legal malpractice lawsuit against one of their own.

I am not afraid to pursue the justice my clients need, even if that means filing a lawsuit against another lawyer.

Many of the clients I represent in legal malpractice cases are from Duluth or other communities outside the Twin Cities. I represent clients in Minneapolis and throughout Minnesota in legal malpractice cases involving:

  • Fee disputes
  • Failure to meet court deadlines
  • Failure to file documents
  • Failure to act within the statute of limitations
  • Negligently drafted legal documents

Negligence By Other Professionals

Professionals are held to a standard of care that requires them to act in their clients' best interests. When they fail to do that and it causes undue hardship on their clients, they can be held liable. I file professional negligence claims against insurance brokers, stockbrokers, accountants and other financial professionals.

Contact A Professional Negligence Lawyer Serving The Twin Cities And All Of Minnesota

If a professional's negligence caused undue hardship for you, I can help determine if there is a legal case against that professional. I work with clients throughout Minnesota to help them receive the counsel they need. Learn more about the counsel I provide by scheduling an initial consultation. I can be reached through an online contact form or by calling 612-284-3820.