Recent Cases

Alderson v. Homolka (Minnesota State Court and Court of Appeals)
Represented a lawyer in claim against another lawyer for compensation based on work performed on a personal injury matter. The case was successfully tried to a judge, and the result was upheld on appeal.

Murrin v. Mosher, et. al. (Minnesota State Court and Court of Appeals)
Represented several defendants against numerous dozens of claims, including securities fraud, RICO, consumer fraud, and may others. Claims were dismissed on summary judgment; obtained the largest attorney's fees sanctions award in State history against the Plaintiff for bad faith litigation.

Belcourt Corporation v. Thomson Industries, Inc. (Minnesota State Court)
Represented the defendant in multi-million dollar claims of alleged fraud and breach of warranty in connection with the sale of parts used in Frigidaire's dryers The Defendant was not only awarded summary judgment on all of Plaintiff's claims, but also awarded over $60,000 on counterclaim.

Valley Cartage Company, et. al. v. Gartner Studios, Inc. (Minnesota State Court)
Represented transportation companies against former customer for collection of unpaid invoices, and against multi-million dollar counterclaim based on alleged breach of fiduciary duty and other claims. Clients were awarded summary judgment on all of their claims, and awarded summary judgment on all of Defendant's claims.

Modern Auto Care, Inc., et. al. v. Peter Vant Hull (Minnesota State Court).
Represented a closely-held corporation against its former President and Treasurer. After a court trial, the Corporation was able to re-purchase all of the former shareholder's shares at a very favorable price, which was further reduced by the amount the defendant had previously embezzled. All of the defendant's employment and other claims against the company were denied.

Gleason v. Metropolitan Council Transit Operations,
563 N.W.2d 309, 321 (Minn. Ct. App. 1997), rev. granted (Minn., Aug. 5, 1997).
(Successfully represented disabled woman in discrimination and intentional tort claims against municipal bus company. Established the proposition that statutory immunity is not a defense to intentional tort claims brought under the Minnesota Human Rights Act).

Benshoof v. Benshoof, (Minn. Ct. App., November 26, 2002)
Represented business owner in marriage dissolution. Modest spousal maintenance award and other trial successes upheld on appeal).

Hoberman v. Kaplan, C2-99-1521, (Minn. Ct. App. March 21, 2000)
Successfully represented mother against father in post-decree motion for increase in child support. Affirmed on appeal.

Other Appellate Court Successes:

TRWL Financial Establishment v. Select International Inc.,
527 N.W.2d 573 (Minn. Ct. App., 1995)

World Wide Tracers, Inc. v. Metropolitan Protection, Inc.,
384 N.W.2d 442 (Minn. 1986)